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Spirales d'Argent - Silver Spiral Jewellery


Terms and Conditions

All our products are hand made with the greatest care, and our guarantee to you is that we will always dispatch items to you in the highest standard possible.

Everything is made by Tammy Betson.

Not everything that is listed on the website is in stock, this is because some items are made to order. Although I do my best to keep a wide selection of semi precious stones in stock sometimes I will need to order them in for your order, this means it can take anything from one week to four weeks for stones to arrive before I am able to complete the order, depending on the stone and where in the world I am getting them from. In these cases, if there will be a delay in completing your order I will let you know as soon as possible so that you have the option to change the order to something that may arrive quicker or know the order will be completed as soon as possible.

All of the information I have supplied about various gem stones, I have researched via other websites, I do not take any responsibility for the truths behind the claims.

Should you not be satisfied with a product once you have received it, you will need to email me [email protected] to explain your reasons, we will then do our best to solve the situation.

Refunds are then accepted on a case by case basis, provided items are returned within 14 days (at your own cost) and have NOT been worn. Please email me [email protected] prior to sending the item to be returned in the post, with your reason for the return, so that I know I am expecting it, once the item has been received by me I will refund the cost of the item (not the postage) into your bank account or via paypal.

Please note, at the moment my jewellery is not soldered. (I am working on variations that have been) Because my jewellery is made of twisted wire, care has to be taken whilst wearing items, if items are pulled they will come out of shape, it is possible to bend them back, for this reason, I find soldering not necessary. In the event of the item being bent out of shape, I am not responsible.

Due to the elements in silver, care needs to be taken when wearing and storing jewellery, to increase its longevity. If silver is exposed to body creams, water (don't wear it in the shower!) perspiration and sun, it can become tarnished, the speed of this will vary, on how it is kept/worn. This process is called oxidation and all silver will oxidise over time. In my experience I have found that silver plated and fine silver, will take on a more gold aged colour over time (silver plated will wear faster in the joints), sterling silver is the one that takes on the typical black colour. Once oxidisation has occurred it is not possible to reverse it. You will see on some of my items I have sped up this process as part of the design (copper jewellery) by dipping it in a liver of sulphur solution.

When jewellery is not being worn, store it in a airtight dark box away from moisture and sunlight.